How To Be A Good Liberal

How To Be A Good Liberal.

1. You have to believe that people that run businesses are evil, but people that head government departments are good. Businessmen do not care about their customers, but government bureaucrats have people’s best interest at heart.

2. You have to believe, despite all historical evidence, that some how, some way, this time government will do things right.

3. You have to believe that giving government more and greater power will not necessarily mean less liberty for people.

4. You have to believe that liberty is only important when you are at home, not when you are at work. (And believe that once you give government all economic power, they won’t also come into your private life.)

5. You have to believe that all killing is wrong in war, but killing unborn children is nobody’s business but the “mother”.

6. You have to believe that taking money from Paul and giving it to Peter is “social justice” and not simple theft.

7. You have to believe that taking money from productive parts of the economy and giving it to unproductive sectors will do anything but destroy the whole.

Liberals must believe that the economic, scientific, medical and social advancements over the last two hundred years came about by accident. That the huge leap over this short time had nothing to do with a new concept being unleashed upon the world: free men and free minds in free markets created more wealth and happiness than all the governments and political philosophers in all of history. Our revolution and the chains it put on government let loose the creative power of man and changed the world. It is the liberal counter-revolutionary forces that want to end that and take us back into the nightmare of a government command and control economy. Governments are only good at two things: filling prisons and killing people.


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