Obama and Liberals Must Be Stopped In the November Elections or Our Country Will NOT Survive

This is an excerpt from a Rasmussen (Poll) Report on Feb. 13, 2010:

“Republicans received some modestly good news this past week. In a three-way congressional contest with a Tea Party candidate on the ballot, the GOP candidate now comes in second, with the Tea Party choice in third. In early December, the Tea Party candidate came in second, while the Republican finished third. Of course, the Democrat won both times.”

When I discussed this with a Democrat friend he admitted that they are rooting for the Tea Party candidates to enter all the elections as it would guarantee a victory for them by taking away enough of the votes cast to deprive either the Republicans or the Tea Party Candidates a victory.

I believe that we the voters have got to spread this information far and wide if we want to rid ourselves of the oppressive and non-responsive liberals from congressional offices.  Don’t forget, there will also be Libertarians and other fringe candidates stealing votes away that will also help the liberals.

There is only one reasonable way to handle this sort of situation so as to insure that a Tea Party candidate does not split the conservative vote thus guaranteeing a victory for the anti-American liberals who are caught up in the zeal to kill our Constitution, our way of life, and our freedom.

via Obama and Liberals Must Be Stopped In the November Elections or Our Country Will NOT Survive.


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