Obama is a BRAND not a PRESIDENT – A recent rant by me :)

I wonder what the actual name of this image is...

Obama is a Brand.  He has a logo and everything.  His marketing/PR team is top notch.  Obama is a Brand, his policy the product, and his manufacturer the far left Progressive  wing of the Democratic Party.

Obama was chosen because of his packaging…. His ethnicity appealed to blacks and liberal white guilt.  His background as a community organizer with ACORN and the SEIU made him appeal to the unions and their members (the “blue collar working class”).  His leftist rhetoric on immigration was appealing to hispanics, and his appearance, style of dress and oratory skills were appealing to young voters.

After a year of (unemployment) watching and listening, I can say without hesitation that he is of little substance.  He is a skilled and gifted orator, with a smooth and almost hypnotic tone of voice.  One year ago I was impressed.  (Remember. this was after 8 years of listening to Bush, who was more folksy than eloquent).  Now the shine is off the apple, and America is realizing that he is not so much a gifted orator as he is a WHIZ at reading a teleprompter.

Obama is a YES MAN for George Soros, SEIU, ACORN, and other leftist organizations.  He has been in office for over a year, and has yet to govern as President of the United States.  He does not care to be OUR President – he only cares to cater to those who helped him on his ascent and to further the Progressive agenda.  (For more on the Congressional Progressive Caucus, see here.

Team Obama, Organizing for America, MoveOn.org, ACORN, and the SEIU came together to craft and market Brand Obama, whose campaign was centered on the themes of Hope and Change.  One year in, America is experiencing Buyers Remorse.  Obama has FAILED to follow through with even the most rudimentary campaign promises (such as closing GITMO, transparency, and bipartisanship), and has recently been hinting that his most important campaign promise will be broken (“Americans earning $250K or less will not see their taxes increase one dime”)


What he says is scripted.  Words and phrases that have been focus group tested and approved for him to read in various combinations from his teleprompter, with a little bit of “Blame Bush” thrown in as a shout out to his progressive base of hardcore liberals.

I think what I find most disturbing about Obama is that there is no “Plan B”

By “Plan B”, I mean that there is no contingency plan or exit strategy for any of his proposed legislation should they not accomplish the stated goals.  Anyone in business knows that you always have an exit strategy in your plan, with strict parameters that will invoke said contingency.  This tells me that Obama either (A)thinks he can’t fail, or (B)he doesn’t care as long as his agenda becomes law.  I can’t tell which it is; perhaps it is both


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One response to “Obama is a BRAND not a PRESIDENT – A recent rant by me :)

  1. Badeye

    His is a brand like the Nazi sign. It is everwhere even on the anti sites. I don’t use it on anything I make t-shirts, bumper stickers etc. because it only an ad for his brand which I think is Marxist.

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