Status of Obama’s PLA Order

CNSNews did a story today giving an update on Obama’s Executive Order number 13502 requiring all federal construction projects to operate under Project Labor Agreements (PLAs). Thus far the EO has been stymied by the commission that Obama set up to handle the initiative.

A PLA is a contract agreement that would force union rules, union dues, and union control of any construction project that the federal government undertakes. The PLA rules would even descend upon any non-union labor hired for the work meaning that employees would be forced to pay dues even if they do not belong to a union.

This PLA requirement is only another Obama payoff to unions and the construction industry says that PLAs will make any federal project go over budget, take longer to complete making the projects needlessly expensive.

CNSNews reports that the commission has yet to act on the EO.

However, the Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council (FAR), which is charged with final enactment of the rule, is still reviewing the matter. The FAR Council is made up of members from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the Department of Defense, the General Services Administration and NASA.

Naturally, in keeping with this Administration, one part of the EO is built entirely on an untrue premise.

Read the rest at: Status of Obama’s PLA Order « Publius Forum.


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One response to “Status of Obama’s PLA Order

  1. Good Caricature! I do believe it is about time that they do stop before things get worst. Things now are really getting uglier and the American people are starting to loose their patience. They where promised a change, a change that can make their lives easier not the other way around.

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