Obama’s double standard

Whatever happened to the constitutional concept of equal protection under the law?

With his proposed change in forgiveness rules on student loans, President Obama is calling for the establishment of clearly unequal treatment.

“Let’s tell another 1 million students that when they graduate,” Obama said in his recent State of the Union speech, “they will be required to pay only 10 percent of their income on student loans, and all of their debt will be forgiven after 20 years, and forgiven after 10 years if they choose a career in public service.”

Why the bias against business majors, against entrepreneurial students who choose to go into the private sector and create jobs?

“Jobs must be our number-one focus in 2010,” Obama said in the same speech, and “the true engine of job creation in this country will always be America’s businesses.”

So why is he calling for students who go into the job-creating private sector to pay back their loans for 20 years while students who end up on government payrolls get to shift the cost of their unpaid college loans onto the backs of the nation’s taxpayers after 10 years?

Given exploding federal deficits, why encourage students to get government jobs where they’ll be consuming more taxes than they pay? Why the corresponding disincentive for students to join the sector that’s “the true engine of job creation” — the sector that cuts the federal deficits by taking people off the tax-eating dependency rolls and turning them into taxpayers?

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Obama’s double standard – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.


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