Uh Oh: SEIU Discovers Who The Rubes Are – Riehl World View

ust in case anyone out there is still wondering who the rubes are – the local chapter of the SEIU has been upset with Dartmouth over budget cuts. Does any of this sound familiar? h/t JC in email.

These layoffs are a rush to judgment and appear to be a decision thatwas preordained as a part of a hidden agenda to take advantage of the economic crisis. They have not considered other options and have not offered one substantive proposal at negotiations.

We contend that the college’s financial plight is the direct result of risky investment practices the college used when the economy was strong. We decry the administration’s decision to make middle managers and lower-wage workers pay the price for high-risk investment strategies on the part of a few college leaders – including trustees who specialize in investment strategies. They are not paying any price for their risky behavior.

via Riehl World View: Uh Oh: SEIU Discovers Who The Rubes Are.


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