My GOP deficit commission appointee wish list

Ever since hearing that Obama appointed SEIU THUG-IN CHIEF Andy Stern to his deficit commission, I started thinking about who the GOP should pick.  Since GOP leadership has had its hands full with the Healthcare Summit, and other Obama Drama, they have yet to throw any names of possible nominees out there.

  1. Thomas Sowell Constitutional Values, Free Market Economics
  2. Art Laffer Economist, Father of the Laffer Curve, Worked in Reagan administration
  3. Harry Markopolos Bernie Madoff Whistleblower, money manager and investment investigator, mathematical genius (see Markopolos Madoff Complaint)
  4. Walter E. Williams Professor of Economics at George Mason University. He is an expert on discrimination, labor policy, regulation
  5. Charles Krauthammer Brilliant, Pulitzer Prize winning writer, Political Philosophy/Common Sense, Psychiatrist (a definite plus when dealing with libs)
  6. Alan Keyes ambassador to the United Nations Economic and Social Council under Reagan Admin, All around awesome

These are people with stellar credentials and experience.  Obama’s 6 appointees and the Dems’ 6 appointees will not be able to discredit them, intimidate them, smear them, or shame them – which would TOTALLY tick them off!

Please comment or leave your own lists in the comments section!


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