BBC News – Obama vows to reduce nuclear weapons

US President Barack Obama has pledged to cut the number and role of nuclear weapons in America’s national security strategy.

Mr Obama, marking the 40th anniversary of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, said a policy review would go “beyond outdated Cold War thinking”.

In a statement, he said he would also continue to seek ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

Mr Obama will host a nuclear security summit in Washington next month.

His officials are also involved in talks with Russia on a replacement for the 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (Start), which expired last December.

“The United States reaffirms our resolve to strengthen the non-proliferation regime to meet the challenges of the 21st century as we pursue our ultimate vision of a world without nuclear weapons,” he said in the statement.

“In addition, we will seek to ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty and negotiate a treaty to end the production of fissile material for use in nuclear weapons.”

The treaty, which bans all nuclear explosions, was adopted by the UN in 1996 but has not yet entered into force.

“Our forthcoming Nuclear Posture Review will move beyond outdated Cold War thinking and reduce the number and role of nuclear weapons in our national security strategy, even as we maintain a safe, secure and effective nuclear deterrent,” Mr Obama added.

via BBC News – Obama vows to reduce nuclear weapons.


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