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SEIU – The Week In Immigration Reform


Yesterday, SEIU Executive Vice President Eliseo Medina joined other labor, faith and immigrant rights leaders for a meeting at the White House on next steps for comprehensive immigration reform legislation. President Obama spent over an hour with the group, carrying out a lively and open discussion about how to move immigration reform forward.

“Today’s meeting is yet another reminder that comprehensive immigration reform remains a key priority for the White House. It’s also a reminder that we need more than just the White House and Senators Schumer and Graham to get this bill done,” said Medina in a statement.

During the meeting, the President made clear that importance of garnering greater GOP support in order to push the bill to the Senate floor.

“Just days away from a massive mobilization of labor and diverse immigrant rights activistsfrom across the country, the time is now for Senators on both sides of the aisle to step on the gas and push for smart immigration reform that America needs. That means it’s time for Senator Mitch McConnell and Minority Leader John Boehner to join with us in passing reforms that are good for immigrants, good for workers, and good for America,” continued Medina.

“This is Congress’ time to, in the President’s words, ‘overcome the numbing weight of our politics.’ For the good of our economy, of America’s workers, and of our country, it’s time for the Senate to step on the gas. It’s time for them to roll up their sleeves and get immigration reform done right, get it done quickly and make sure it works for America.”

Read Medina’s full, statement. And read coverage of the meeting in the Associated PressNew York TimesMSNBC, and The Hill.

Especially as the topic of immigration legislation heats up in Washington, it is critical to make March 21’s immigration mobilization a huge success. This is the time to create the momentum and urgency for comprehensive immigration reform.

SEIU – Service Employees International Union – The Week In Immigration Reform.


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Not Happy With Stern

By Ashlie Rodriguez

President Obama may have hoped to appease critics by creating the new, bipartisan National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility, but his appointment of SEIU President Andy Stern to the panel has drawn rebuke from conservatives.

“Either the White House doesn’t read the newspaper or simply doesn’t care, but naming Andy Stern as a member of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility doesn’t pass the laugh test,” said Katie Packer, executive director of the anti-union Workforce Fairness Institute, in a statement.

Rep. Patrick McHenry, R-N.C., a member of the House Budget Committee, told The Hotline that the appointment “makes sense for Obama’s election efforts and funding for his election, but not about truly getting our deficit under control. This is more of an electoral insurance policy than a deficit reduction plan.”

Packer cited not only the millions donated by SEIU to Democrats in the 2008 campaign, but also reports that the organization has had difficulty meeting its own pension obligations: “The SEIU’s pension fund is in serious trouble, yet the White House wants Big Labor to come up with recommendations on how to reduce the federal deficit?”

Also speaking out against the appointment were the Alliance for Worker Freedom and Americans for Tax Reform, who have requested an investigation into Stern’s “potentially illegal lobbying activities.”

Stern himself released a statement emphasizing his connection to the blue-collar workers who are bearing the brunt of the recession.

“I have talked to thousands of our members, many low-wage workers, who have to make hard choices everyday to make ends meet, while never losing sight of their dreams — to provide a more prosperous future for their families,” Stern said.

“They also want and expect their government to make the right choices: to restore our economic health, make smart long-term investments, create a fiscally sound, and fair economic system that rewards hard work and allows their children and grandchildren to live a better life than their parents,” he added.

via Not Happy With Stern – Under The Influence – Under the Influence.

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Trial lawyers to Obama: Don’t deal on tort reform in health talks – TheHill.com

President Barack Obama wants a bipartisan deal on health reform, but trial lawyers don’t want him to deal on a top Republican priority: tort reform.

Trial lawyers defeated President George W. Bush’s push for medical liability reform and successfully lobbied to water down tort reform provisions in healthcare reform bills this Congress. But the battle is far from over.

Read More:  Trial lawyers to Obama: Don’t deal on tort reform in health talks – TheHill.com.


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